(with Selena Zachai)

      Four Cantos, each with twenty four verses,
      exploring the intricate weave of a tapestry
      woven between two people

          First Canto... You

          Sing to me... singer of you and me
          The night is ending.
          In the dark warm shadows, whisper my name...
          I cannot whisper yours... you are my name.
          I am the outer chamber of your heart,
          Pulsing as it pulses, quieting as it quiets.
          The night is ending
          Light streams from the rim of the sky and flashes along
          the curve of your body... dark in front, thigh on fire
          Touch it, the cat's fur of your skin...
          The shape of you vibrates, shimmers
          There is no need to sleep.
          Sing to me.

          The light is green beneath the sun
          The grasses reflect and sway to your moving body
          Every part of you is open... spread, unafraid.
          I lick your naked skin until my tongue becomes
          warm and numb
          The heat of your blood bakes the moaning rising music
          of your throat into a taste...
          A cream taste of sweat and yeast and tender flesh.
          Every part of you spreads, stretches to cover the horizon.
          You are the planet of woman and I am your moon.

          How many times can I kiss you?
          How many places on your lips
          can my tongue stop and taste
          the salt sweet sap that rises...
          Up from your garden roots...
          Through the stem of your body...
          Into the petals of the flower of your face?
          Your face shines and moves...
          Moist, the rain from my eyes is transparent,
          Liquid glass, the faintest trace of silver.
          It washes the delicate flower you press against me.
          How many times can I kiss you?

        Second Canto... Me

        You said to me
        stand on the bridge between sleeping and awakening
        the moment between twilight and night
        when one can remember what the eyes saw but can no longer see it...
        when the outer world's light is gone
        and the other senses become bright.
        Touch it, you said, in total darkness
        and you will see all of the light inside.
        And I said, that is the way, and it is a way to make love, that's what we should do.
        And you laughed and said
        yes, but first you must awaken the dream, you must touch it inside and let the light grow inside
        then let it spread out
        then we can do what we should do.

        We are not dead
        We are not awake
        We are open.

        Third Canto... Us

        Why have you left me?
        Come back to me
        Come back to me
        I hear the touch of your voice
        the faint touch of your breath on my neck
        I am blind without your eyes
        Come back to me.


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