(play and screenplay)

This is not a play about the politics of social issues. It is a portrait of a relationship. Except for the very end, this entire two-character work takes place over the telephone.

DANNY is a young man with AIDS. He refuses to bend to the obvious depression accompanying his illness. Instead, he is enraged, defiant, acidly humorous. He spends his days sleeping and his nights drinking and calling everyone he knows in a lonely desperate effort to keep himself focused. He is in the process of overusing his friends and family, and reduced to talking to long distance operators for companionship.

One day, he receives a call from SANDRA. She is a straight, narrow-viewed, homophobic, suburban-type who has been traumatized when diagnosed HIV positive, a "gift" from her husband. She calls DANNY as part of an outreach program to help her cope. They clash immediately. We see them both on stage at the same time, each in his/her respective room.What follows is a blizzard of telephone conversations that becomes a kiln in which an unusual and rich relationship is forged. Each is defiant while at the same time reaching out for nurture and healing.
This unlikely duet creates a portrait of human weakness and strength, of passion and hope.

Published in Scene4



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