Variations On A Theme
    of Maurice Ravel


The driving, climactic progression of Ravel´s Bolero is the theme for a string of dramatic variations -- eight short plays, designed for consecutive performance in one evening. But this is not a musical. It is a dark comedy of love, sex, betrayal and bent gender-bending. It´s also not a La Ronde! Because... the dialogue repeats in each play, though the characters and plots are different. Got it? Same words, different plots, building on each other until it ends in rolling thunder!

Eight Short Plays:

She, Her Husband, His Wife, and Her Lover
I Come, I See, I Conquer, uh...
3 Years, 12 Days In A Dark, Warm Place
He to She to Him... Bingo!
The Closet Has Two Back Doors
My Lover Is A Doodad
Sweet French and Spanish Kisses
In The End There Is A Soft

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